Belgian Home Exchange Trends


Professionals, teachers, retirees, doctors, government workers, business leaders, homeowners and tenants…the home exchange formula attracts individuals of all ages and professional backgrounds. While the economic advantages are clear, financial considerations are often not the principal factor in the choice of a HomeLink holiday.
Home exchangers, having an open mind and no preconceived opinions, find a HomeLink holiday the ideal way to submerge in the authentic local culture. They really discover the local life in a way that is impossible during a hotel stay.


No need to wait until you own your own place to become a HomeLink member. All over the world, tenants actively participate in home exchange. Reporting in newspapers and magazines worldwide confirms: tenants, even those in government housing have the right to loan their homes. Not a sub-let, since no exchange of money takes place; it is considered the same as having guests for a stay. Anyway, it is advisable to inform your landlord and neighbours about the new friends who will be occupying your home while you are away.


HomeLink is growing rapidly, with the number of members in certain countries rising annually by 15 to 25 percent. HomeLink members enjoy sharing their holiday experiences and the many benefits of the system with their family and friends; thus simple word of mouth brings numerous new families to the network each year.

Home exchange reduces your holiday expenses to the cost of transportation alone. Practically speaking, this means transforming former hotel budgets into more frequent holidays, a larger choice of accessible destinations, and, once on the scene, the financial liberty to take better advantage of your stay. Good local restaurants, concerts, theatre… no more need to hesitate. In short, home exchange provides the means to vacation in a way that may have seemed impossible before.
Financial savings – yes. But there is more. As important to the experience is the rich and unique opportunity of exchanging an entire context of life and culture with another HomeLink family. Along with the pleasure of feeling at home in more than fifty countries worldwide, members benefit from the consideration of their exchange partners. HomeLink families share their knowledge of the region, local contacts, children’s toys, tennis racquets, bicycles, and, at times, their boat, golf club membership, or the keys to a nicely situated second home.


The HomeLink network currently counts approximately 13,000 members actively searching for an exchange.

On the average, HomeLink members exchange between 2 and 3 times a year. This means between 26,000 and 39,000 exchange offers each year.

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